The Behavioral Secret

Marketers want to own a shopper’s path to purchase.  They are actively leveraging paid, earned and owned media to move shoppers to buy.  Sometimes it works.  Many times it does not, because of a failure to understand the core motivations that drive a shopper to purchase.  Without understanding shopper motivations, a marketer will blindly pull marketing levers hoping to increase sales.  They’re left wondering why their marketing efforts are failing.  They don’t realize that they may be marketing against the buyer motivations inherent in all of us.

Identifying natural motivations is not new.  Many of us have taken the Myers-Briggs survey to understand our personality type.  MBTI can be an insightful tool to provide introspection on how to effectively interact with people and deal with life situations.  What Myers-Briggs successfully does is evaluate our internal inertia – our preference to interact with others and our environment.   Based on this you have to wonder, why would shopping be any different?

It’s not.

Buyhavior™ identifies the natural flow in shoppers – their behaviors, habits and motivations.   At the core of Buyhavior™ is a proprietary diagnostic tool which identifies a shopper’s motivations within a product category.  Think of Buyhavior™ like Myers-Briggs for shoppers.  Buyhavior™enables a marketer to decode a target’s DNA and then design marketing triggers to intercept and affect their decisions (read about the Shopper DNA uncovered in Buyhavior™).

Buyhavior™ is the cornerstone tool used to design marketing that moves shoppers.  The insights provide an empathetic perspective of how the shoppers see not only your brand but the competition.  Many times marketers fail to take a step back and look at their marketing holistically in conjunction with the competition.  The key to success is out marketing the competition by marketing to shopper motivations.